September 2018  
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About the Pastor

   Before I became a Christian I could probably classify my beliefs as universalist.  I believed in general that everybody was good and that only the truly wicked were punished.  I, in short, made God out to be something based on my own standard of moral understanding.  My conversion experience happened during my final months of my senior year in high school.  I was debating with a family member about the existence of God.  I used a book that my youth minister gave me a few years before for my source of information.  The book was the Evidence BIble that was compiled by Ray Comfort.  When my debate was over I began to read that Bible on my own time at night.  I began to really enjoy what I was reading under Ray's subtitles Function of the Law that was written throughout the BIble.  Interested in wanting to know more about this I went to their website.  There I listened to Hell's Best Kept Secret.

   The secret of course is that the Ten Commandments brings us the understanding of our sin before our perfect Creator.  At the end of the audio he challenges the listener of why they are a Christian.  Was it because I grew up with knowledge of the gospel or is it the fact that I am a sinner in need of forgiveness?  That question haunted me as I began to think through my own faith.  My knowledge and heart were not on the same page.  That night my life was changed.  To this day I am constantly growing in the Lord seeking to know Him.  I love Jesus more today than I did when I first met Him. From that point on my desire has been to reach those who have yet to be forgiven.  Would you want somebody to witness to you if you were unforgiven? My hope is that your answer would be "yes." My plea is that you join us in our mission of spreading the good news about the resurrected Christ and promise of eternal life to those who believe (heart, more than just knowledge) in Him.

Below is some random fun information about me:


Favorite Sport's Team: Oklahoma Sooners/OKC Thunder  (it's hard to just put one)

Favorite Recreation Activities: Ultimate Frisbee, Tennis

Favorite movie: The Killing Fields

Favorite Reality Show: Restaurant Impossible (Chef Irvine is the man!)

Favorite Athlete: Roger Federer

Most Embarassing Moment: I got left in the bathroom at Sea World on a high school band trip.  All the buses had to wait on me.

Things I can't stand to be around: Clowns, Spiders